What’s Your Baby Going to Look Like? Just Ask BABYGlimpse.

What’s Your Baby Going to Look Like? Just Ask BABYGlimpse.

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Now, Couples Can Get a DNA-based Report About Their Future Children

HumanCode, a Denver-based personal genomics company, announced the launch of BABYGlimpse, the first DNA-powered app for couples to discover and explore the genetic-related traits their children may inherit. The new app was developed in collaboration with Helix, a personal genomics company, that recently launched the first online marketplace for DNA-powered products.

BABYGlimpse provides expecting parents a fun and informative preview of their child’s possible traits  —  ranging from ancestry to eye color to behaviors and preferences. Using at-home collection kits from Helix, both parents provide a saliva sample which is processed in Helix’s CLIA- and CAP-accredited next-generation sequencing lab.  

Helix securely stores the data and provides HumanCode access to the portion of the genome that pertains to the information delivered in BABYGlimpse. The app then uses a proprietary computational method to combine the couple’s DNA results and make predictions on the possible traits of their future child. The results are delivered to couples through the BABYGlimpse app for iPhone, or via a secure customer web portal.

“We built BABYGlimpse as an inspiring and optimistic way for two people to understand their own genetics, and what they might pass on to their offspring,” said Chris Glode, CEO of HumanCode. “Today’s couples have so many questions and curiosities during the process of creating a family — there’s so much advice and information, but little of it is personal to them. We want to help families venture beyond  the classic black-and-white ultrasound photo and gender reveal to learn more about themselves and their genetics. BABYGlimpse adds to the excitement and anticipation of building a family. We call it ‘sunshine science’.”

“When HumanCode introduced the concept of BABYGlimpse, we were immediately intrigued. It provided a unique way to tap into the excitement and wonder that comes along with growing a family,” said Justin Kao, co-founder and SVP of Helix. “BABYGlimpse helps couples explore the bright side of genetics, creating a fun and enlightening conversation around their future.”

BABYGlimpse explores more than 20 different traits, including ancestry, physical appearance, and wellness-related conditions. The product is available for $349.98 on Helix.com, and includes Exome + DNA sequencing for 2 people and unlimited access to the application on the secure HumanCode website or iPhone app.