CISOs Just Can’t Keep Up with Flood of Data Breaches

CISOs Just Can’t Keep Up with Flood of Data Breaches

More than 80 percent of CISOs reported that some detected data breaches are going unaddressed, and 70 percent said it is difficult to prioritize threats based on business criticality, according to a new survey of 300 chief information security officers from around the world conducted by ServiceNow, an IT vendor whose products and services include security.

The survey is part of a report from ServiceNow entitled “The Global CISO Study: How Leading Organizations Respond to Security Threats and Keep Data Safe.”

Leaving data breaches unaddressed and finding it difficult to prioritize threats comes at a cost: More than one in 10 CISOs reported experiencing a significant security breach causing reputational or financial damage in the past three years, the survey said. Manual processes, resource and talent deficiencies, and the inability to prioritize threats are impairing security response effectiveness, the report said.

As a result, CISOs are increasing the automation of security tasks to bolster their response and remediation efforts, the report found.

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