LinkedIn’s Job-Matching Feature Goes Mobile

LinkedIn’s Job-Matching Feature Goes Mobile

LinkedIn is bringing its Today’s Job Matches feature to mobile job seekers in an upcoming update.

LinkedIn is rolling out new tools aimed at helping job seekers find new work and recruiters hunt down better matches for open positions.

The professional and career-minded social network, now owned by Microsoft, announced that its Today’s Job Matches feature, which offers members a list of job openings that match their skill sets, will soon be available on the service’s mobile apps. According to LinkedIn, more than half of its members use mobile devices to explore the job market.

Apart from skills, Today’s Job Matches feature takes into account several factors, including a user’s personal preferences, location and salary requirements. In another example of Microsoft push to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into its expansive product portfolio, the feature uses machine learning technologies to parse user feedback about job matches and fine-tune suggestions over time.

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