Baidu to share self-drive car technology

Baidu to share self-drive car technology

Chinese internet giant Baidu has said it will share much of the technology it has created for its self-driving cars.

The firm predicted that the move would help drive the development of autonomous vehicles.

Called Apollo, the project will make a range of software, hardware and data services available to others, especially carmakers.

Other firms in the sector, such as Tesla and Google, have tended to keep key developments secret.

‘Greater innovation’

Baidu, often described as China’s Google, has been developing self-drive vehicles since 2015.

Making the announcement ahead of the Shanghai Auto Show, it said technologies for use in restricted test environments would be available as soon July.

There will then be a gradual roll-out of other technology, with an aim to offer its full range of developments to support self-driving for highways and city roads by 2020.

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