6 security essentials the CIA forgot

6 security essentials the CIA forgot

Wikileaks’ CIA dump is the biggest secret cache released so far. It’s embarrassing to the CIA. It undermines our intelligence efforts. And it didn’t need to happen.

The sad fact is that the world’s computers are not configured securely enough to match the confidentiality of the data they are protecting. As a society we allow our computers to languish in a state that almost invites attackers to access them—even at the CIA, apparently.

That may finally be changing, though remediation has been slow to roll out. In my view, the tipping point was the Sony hack, which was so embarrassing and costly that it scared execs in a way that the Target, Home Depot, and Office of Management and Budget hacks did not.

Whatever the cause, I see new levels of interest in serious security solutions. Data analytics is coming on strong, replacing gut feelings in choosing protective measures. Cloud-stored event detection is offered by multiple companies. Passwords are finally beginning to be phased out. More cybercriminals are being identified and arrested than ever before.

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