BreezoMeter Shows a Map of Real-Time Air Pollution in Big Cities

BreezoMeter Shows a Map of Real-Time Air Pollution in Big Cities

BreezoMeter has collected pollution data and created a way to build real-time air pollution maps for big cities.

The San Francisco company is launching an interactive map of air pollution based on data from real-time traffic information and other data sources, said Ziv Lautman, cofounder and chief marketing officer of BreezoMeter. You can use it to plot the safest path to work on your daily commute.

The color-coded map displays air pollution data with street-level accuracy, along with predictive hourly forecasts, pollen counts, health recommendations, historical data, and more. It allows users to search for air-quality levels on a hyperlocal basis in their own neighborhoods. The company has pollution maps for 25,000 cities and towns in 67 countries.

The map, made possible by the company’s latest algorithm update, is highly visual, and it includes analyses of the dominant pollutants in the air, as well as health and fitness recommendations, such as when to avoid an outdoor workout or when those with health sensitivities may experience respiratory issues. Pollen data is also available in Europe and Japan.

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