AMERICA: Are We Really Smart Enough For 2017?

AMERICA: Are We Really Smart Enough For 2017?

Everyone is shouting about how dramatically the global world of commerce has evolved, changed and moved forward, but how about us and our own smartness? Victory constantly surrounds all of us all the times and taps us to open up and become victorious…let’s open up and test our smartness, here are the seven tests, but firstly…

FACT: The world has already awakened; innovative excellence and supremacy of entrepreneurialism is now poised to quadruple exportability of goods and services and create massive local and national prosperity. The change itself has answered. The Greece, Brexit, Trumpization, and Italy are not accidents but multiyear silent cries of the populace now becoming audible. Deniers are being wiped out at polls. Many more regime toppling elections are underway.

FACT: In some 1000 days we will arrive at 2020; looking back from that vantage point, 20 years ago, in 2000, we basically began the start of the 3rd millennia. Since that time on the economical fronts, all across the world and especially in developed economies, little or no actual progress outside sky high towers of debts and failing programs was made.

FACT: A new metamorphism is unfolding; form the leadership old non-stop synchronized rhetorical mantras have lost their rhythm while the deep silence on critical questions is no longer a trajectory for truthful answers. A new common voice and a new language is emerging

FACT: New tests are being applied. All of us players all over the world claiming to be working on achieving supremacy of innovative excellence and quadrupling exportability fronts must pass the new test of smartness. These tests will indicate our global age skill demands.


The Crown: To crown our civilization with the highest award of supremacy of innovative excellence there is only one single achievement of mankind that surpasses all the other earth shattering advances of the last 2000 years, from firecrackers to a-bombs, steam to stealth flying wings or abacus to tablet. Nothing comes even close to the power and value of what society recently invented and what its summative functionality that is referred worldwide as the internet.

It’s most powerful in the right hands and can bring governments and super powers to their knees

It’s most beneficial to the entire global populations and it provides economical growth

It’s easy to use, free, global and always alive, constantly growing, unstoppable and omnipresent

It’s the ultimate assembly of ‘knowledge’ and ever instantly delivered in usable form by Homo-erectus

As a direct beneficiary of this, the greatest gift from America to the world, we are now, decades later, ushering in a brand new era.

Fractal Prosperity: We must understand how our behavioral patterns intermingle like entangled tentacles sparkling at each transactional click and bouncing with other zillions of unknown similar tentacle extensions of others around the world creating fractal geometrical patterns of universal dimensions of new productivity. Such global human interaction is carving new paths of eventual prosperity. This critical mass of fractal prosperity is exceptionally huge and complex and its economical powers are still being studied and measured against the old destructive or hologramic mentalities of the previous decades. The global populace demands new options and truthful answers.

Knowledge Plug: With 1001 new plugged variations are opening every second around the world, we are part of this new universal, freely accessible knowledge and now biologically and mentally dependent crave to stay deeply transfused to our blood stream of imagination. It is critical to stay soft-wired to this “Knowledge Plug” as a master survival strategy. Witness the intensity of withdrawal symptoms when our gadgets and connections are taken away. We demand straight-jackets.

Global Age Pragmatism: On the other hand, our Plugged Society is neither a highly technologically literate nor artificially intelligence driven masses of people. It is rather like a simple driver of a high speed car commuting to work. The players in this race are primarily illiterate and basically incompetent on such crazy techno-lingo-fronts, yet most advanced ever in the history of civilization on pragmatic knowledge and deeper and realistic understanding of mankind and humanistic needs with understanding of survival and concerns for creating grassroots prosperity. At times they have more real knowledge than the masters or the governments. This is where the previous societies, over the last 100 years, due to lack of free and all timely global access so badly failed. All this knowledge is also replacing the old fierce competition and destruction mentality with calmer collaboration and coordinating grassroots prosperity ideas.

The alpha-dreamers; some five billion people connected online around the world are the most powerful sound, inaudible to the deaf media and mute political punditry, but their recent murmuring is resulting into new global thunder of toppling of administrations. Global wisdom hidden in the entrepreneurial pragmatism and globally collaborative efforts are aggressively taking over.

The Internet of Things; The notion of IOT or “Internet of Things” is an old fashioned talk; there is no such thing as ‘internet’ with ‘things’. When was the last time we strapped a banana to our mobile phone, mounted our laptop on a horse or inserted our tablet into an air-conditioner? The Internet of the past is what typewriter used to be before taken over by word processing. The term Internet is already eighties, old and slow and now with the notion of things attached is like the floor of the old Radio Shack store in year 2000 where there were dozens of gadgets hopelessly trying to connect to each other. Things have changed big time in last few years. We are now universal knowledge.

It’s not that important how much education we have. What is important is how smartly we are plugged into this universal knowledge. Here are tests of new superior level smartness for players claiming to be in innovative economical growth and entrepreneurial excellence.

How well adjusted and exposed are we in this knowledge-plugged society?
How and what do we know about how to deploy today the power of knowledge plug?
How many models of value creation and prosperity generation can we articulate?
How can we demonstrate our global age leadership qualities during this metamorphosis?



There is nothing wrong with incompetency; it is a serious liability when hidden and a gift when discovered and understood. Identify, isolate and certify. Incompetencies at times have merits. Old experiences at times have greater values. The real dangers are the traditional political correctness and corporate decorum that hides all and prolong the agony and justifies poor performances.

The entrepreneurial mind is constantly cognizant of one’s incompetency, but will still toy with it while taking big and small risks and twining failures into powerful ropes. The academic and bureaucratic mind is more dependent on business plans, case studies and endorsement of peers and terribly frightened of failures and therefore freezes when called to actions allowing fermentation of prolonged incompetency.
Bureaucratic seniority is the proof of incompetency. Check around for proof. Anyone on the economical development front who is doing exactly what they did last year is already deemed incompetent.

This is a new world. Clinical psychology and related neurosciences disciplines, the school of coaching, and the rest of the all over the world have yet tackled such issues so boldly form this particular point of view, because they too come from the same academic molds. The world of mental performance measurements must answer to the role of technocalamity or hide in their own comfort box of emotional malfunction.

FACT: Technocalamity will certify billion plus corner office executive ineffective by 2020

To entrepreneurs all this psychological and mental measurement mumbo jumbo craft is crazy to start with. Primarily, extreme entrepreneurialism itself is very crazy. Only crazy people sleeping on air-filled mattresses created Airbnb. Their craziness, initially joked at also resulted in acquiring the world’s highest market evaluation in the hospitality industry, while the old genuine wisdom of the carriage trade remained stuffed within their monolithically grand hotels. There are millions of such crazy examples that became local or global legends and most came out crazy and incompetent starts. Incompetency must come on the forefront and juxtaposed with education and talent to create a new dimension and new standard of performance.

How nice it is to know if we are a real trained jumbo pilot and fit for the cockpit or just a frequent flyer pretending to be a pilot. Now we know why the economical agendas come crashing down and why the smoke of corporate fiascos linger.

FACT: Top 100 earth shattering business models were developed by people without any formal training and by those who did not care for their special competence or failures but only sought grand results.

FACT: It’s the deeper study of physical and mental limitations and incompetencies that isolates hidden powers and ensures gold medal victories in the Olympics.

FACT: Every smart leader of today will eventually become incompetent during the next decade unless a regimented program to continuously improve performance is followed.

Cavemen were shown no mercy and forced to accept the wheel.

When skyscrapers arrived, people learned how to push elevator buttons.
Now there are 100 new buttons in need of understanding right or we end up on wrong floors.

Creeping slowly into incompetency is a very normal process; great abnormal leaders are always cognizant and constantly toiled on this reality. Now those with great mastery from the past but under denial of changing times are in fact severely incompetent and a liability on the organization of today. The obvious symptoms are their silence and rejection to any bold open dialogue on innovative excellence, change, advancement and global age affairs and technocalamity.

Discover, identify and isolate incompetency or lose all the other hidden talents. Here is a test of smartness for key players claiming to be the savior of innovative growth & entrepreneurial excellence

How comfortable are we with our own level of competencies?
How can we showcase our hidden and untapped talents?
How much are we willing to openly discuss and debate?
How fearless are we for our greatest rewards in the future hidden in this process?


The new global age has no tolerance for sluggish performance. The new global age speed of execution demands mental stamina to get aligned with the new ground realities of simultaneous speed of innovation with prosperity synchronization.

Here are the two main reasons why the following types of people must be replaced, immediately:

TYPE ONE: working hard; in creating innovative growth and extreme excellence, hard work has little or no value in this global age era. It’s all about real smart work; here smartness is not defined by higher IQ, but by other higher standards of emotional and behavioral quotients and tactical engagement.

Hard workers are basically on hamster wheels, they are very busy processing what they did weeks or years ago, locked into traditional procedural thinking and believing in being busy. Technocalamity indicates leadership must learn to think, to adopt new free technologies to catapult operations in innovative excellence and growth. Lacking of this wisdom and old style thinking of ‘a solid day full of extreme hard work’ mentality will hurt them even more and hard work alone will become a burden.

TYPE TWO: too busy; busy people suffer from busylepsy; a medical condition where unnecessary work is sequenced in a way to stretch all the available time to extreme limits of possibilities and artificially creating the feeling of importance. Real leaders are never too busy, they always demonstrate advanced level management skills and manage and delegate tasks with superb speed. They get results. Everyone has 24 hours each day. Every office manager and President Trump have only 24 hours each day. Study this difference deeply.

FACT: The global consortiums of academically driven thought leadership responsible for mental gymnastics of coaching and psychological wisdom with performance measurement tools have not yet arrived at this stage.

FACT: Some one billion additional white collar jobs will become redundant due to massive automation and the great flood of 2020 will seek out those “who change, advance and deploy global age skills” over “ who are, very, very busy, do-not disturb, employment security seekers”

FACT: During the last decade, the majority of big businesses around the world lost their market share; they all worked tirelessly but they worked less on innovative thinking and global age deployments and facing technocalamity.

Today, the world already offers hundreds of brand new and free technologies to transform any organization into a global age player. We need the right players with thinking and deeper understanding capabilities and not just hard and busy workers. Here is a test of smartness for key players in innovative growth & entrepreneurial excellence

How can we quadruple our performance with only 25% of working time?
How can we justify our position by deploying advance level execution for our entire organization? How can we prove our worth ten times over our current pay rate?
How can we justify hooking a hammock in our office today and taking rest of the week off?



Trumpization: For the first time in US history, the White House will be occupied by a non-politician and some type of a world-class entrepreneur; the world awaits a major entrepreneurial and economical policy showdown delivered in clear and bold ‘trumytone’ on January 21st 2017

For starters, to run a trillion dollar economy like the USA, Trumpization is gathering leadership teams of billionaires to replace of the traditional assembly of Ivy League political savvy and academic experts at the highest helms. The top governments all over the world are mostly nestled with complex bureaucracies where the majority of senior leadership flourishes and awaits annual bonuses, while the same nations at times are bleeding opportunity losses at times at the rate of billions of dollars a day.

At a junction, when global age nouveau entrepreneurialism is already out there creating billions of micro enterprises, millions of high quality exporters and thousands of mushy and cute baby ‘Ali Babas’ and changing the local and global economical landscapes. The new age of ‘extreme value creation’ and ‘extreme image generation’ is erupting surrounded by technocalamity? The real pragmatic entrepreneurs with solid hard core programs based or real pragmatism will boom. The long histories of incubators and start-up all over the world have also helped. Unfortunately, they are mostly new Apps driven in search of being the next Hypos, Rhinos and Unicorns type billion dollar evaluations of will face much harsher realities. The American new business models will make new shock waves.

No other experiment of human endeavor has been as successful as America. America is the only nation on the planet that can still showcase real world-class examples of revolutionary entrepreneurial thinking and bring about a major change and uplift the dreams. Any policy to help this front will produce great results and grassroots happiness within USA and also across the world. Many aggressive nations are watching American entrepreneurism revival with great interest.

A great America is also great for the world

Hello! President Trump is calling us; what do we have to impress the Presidential Entrepreneurialism and make our country great again? The world is waiting for us, are we ready? Trumpization demands new global age skill sets and asking for brightest and smartest entrepreneurs to stand up and be counted. This is something previous administration so disparagingly tried to ignore–the small and medium enterprise owners were basically abandoned.

How can we demonstrate our own supremacy of entrepreneurialism?
How can we showcase an almost turnkey game changer model with minimal resources?
How can we demonstrate ‘soft power asset management’ over hard asset centricity?
How can we attract the attention of Presidential Entrepreneurialism of the White House?


Without thriving businesses and entrepreneurial gusto, innovation mantras are at best just day dreaming. Entrepreneurs already have magical ideas in need of collaborative attention. It is essential to note that only ideas worthy of investing get funding in the first place.

FACT: At no other time in the history of the world have there been so many new ideas and dramatic options colliding for the betterment of mankind than in this global age. In spite of that, these ideas are equally crushed by the lack of global age skills. Still some additional billion new unemployed are expected due to massive automation and block chain.

FACT: Innovation events are either very focused on technology issues or academic approaches while deployments is disconnected from today’s entrepreneurial challenges and realties. After the events, the 264 remaining days seem to bring about very little progress or worse, nothing happens.

FACT: The absence of senior level political leadership with bold debates and combative discussions on hard core issues of innovative excellence and achieving global image supremacy is the proof of a serious lack of knowledge. True and real Entrepreneurial component is so visibly absent in the bureaucratic maze.

The Presidential Entrepreneurialism Eliminates Excuses

If we own the smartest ideas, produce exceptional quality and great value and have open global potentials, we are ready; all we need is big dreams and global age execution to move forward. If we fit the above model, none of the following may apply to us;

Otherwise, replace people with following excuses, immediately

No Funds Excuse: The absence of money should not create a vacuum towards expansion of image supremacy and innovative excellence and continuously secure the spotlight. Though, the most common mantra in almost every boardroom must rightfully acknowledge that the pursuits for advancement via true and real value creation must never stop. World Bank, The White House or all the banks of the world need money; so does every single organization. Only those creative entrepreneurial leaderships capable of framing their value propositions, so precisely articulated become magnet for new money to move forward. Those frozen in a constant state of excuse wait for a funding miracle to happen. These are the people who get in the way of progress. Just remove them!

No Exports Sales Excuse: If our products are good for one city, then there are good for 10,000 cities. If our offerings can already outsmart 100 other competitors then we must also get ready to outsmart additional 1000 more. If we are shipping to one country get ready to ship to 200 more. Do not read newspapers, they are waste of time. Instead, read the world maps. Study every single day; examine the little dots on the maps and realize that they are cities and most many times bigger and brighter than where we are probably located today. These 10,000 dots on the maps are consuming, dancing, thriving and may have no idea about our great inventions and our charming offerings unless we try and knock on their doors. This is to understand global age in real terms. Look very closely and figure it out. Use the hammock, think, imagine, and reflect. Learn and hear the deep humming of innovation.

Too Much Competition Excuse; Too much competition is actually very good; it’s a positive sign of the bustling market. Never be afraid of competition, but be very afraid of our own short comings; and kinds and types. There should be a sophisticated program in place to identify and isolate short comings openly and boldly. Demand immediate skills that can be pragmatically deployed and uplift the innovative excellence and supremacy of entrepreneurialism. Constant analysis and identification of short comings will result in better performance of profitability. This can’t wait; it must be done immediately. The global age progress tempos do not allow for slow yearlong studies and case studies analysis.

How skilled is our team on global age execution or are they just corporate-politic-centric?
How clear is our leadership vision or does it require global age re-evaluation?
How can we showcase extreme world-class value offering or is it just a nice idea?
How ready are we able to transform overnight or simply linger for the next decade?


Mankind is basically hardwired honest, in the business world very often it’s the incompetencies that create fears and insecurities and forces people to go under the rules and abuse the system. Understand the critical need of ‘draining of the swamps’ as a serious medical condition of society; just like the Ebola virus it must be cleaned with similar special custom protocols from all screening and the body suits procedures so the contagious side can be fully isolated cured and the disease contained. Become expert on symptoms and become highly articulate just like a doctor so we can deal with the vicious power of the germs and tackle issues head on with full knowledge control and command, otherwise the virus takes over our sensory perceptions and makes us totally dysfunctional.

How do we know how to identify a swamp?
How can to manage while we are in the middle of it?
How do we know how to get of it?
How do we know how to drain a swamp?



It is important to look at what happened last decade and particularly last year; the prestige, power and credibility of the media simply got shredded. All of the panic buttons were pushed; the full throttle of baked, fake and confused braking news released in all direction, all over the world. The global populace has now discovered some knowledge and gone mute on this. Media is getting a shutdown.

FACT: The more unlimited the information is spewed, the more chances of limited intelligence of the person. Today excessive nonsense and surgically sequenced media information has become a liability.

During the last few years between the national leaderships and global populace created real life ping-pong debates facing hardcore realities where the bounce of real life issues collided with baked and fake news. This created chaos of propagandized sensationalism resulting in massive failure of media credibility and exposing with solid proofs controlled agenda centricities. Today the world has awakened to the realities and can now differentiate between real and baked news. Today millennial have shut down media. Now media sound bites, all over the world are being accepted as a sign of misinformation, fake news and propaganda. Political correctness is a sign of incompetence within and outside the swamps, and academic rhetorical mumbo jumbo is totally disconnected with realties on the ground.

Trumytone of the White House is a clear and bold style of talk seeking truth… discovers our own tone, adopt our own free and bold style, speak the truth and leave political correctness in the dust, make our own voice heard, respected and known.

How do we demonstrate our freedom from fake propaganda?
How do we deploy knowledge and get mindshare while remaining free from media hype?
How do we prove our smartness and with what original sources of information?
How do gain momentum without media and build our new base

This is all about you and only you, what’s the most scared and special quality that YOU consider to be so critical for prosperity and innovative excellence in 2017 and beyond, and what’s your dream wish or recommendations…please share and let’s openly talk about it…

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THE TEST RESULTS: The Seven Tests of Smartness are certainly not easy; they challenge our deeper sanctum and seek truth with fair analysis. Irrespective, the outcome and follow-up will certainly be very positive.

If we get 50% of all the questions answered in our favor we will be very, very successful in 2017.
At 25% we will survive but at 75% we are poised for big prosperity and our work will get some great global attention…well done

Author’s disclosure: Since last quarter century, I have successfully produced 10 times the productivity; but worked no more than two hours each day, except when traveling or participating at conferences. During the same period, each and every day, I also have taken four hours for deep thinking. I’m also trained to work each and every day of the year with fascinating ease and worldwide connections; and have time daily for my family, exotic hobbies and many other things. I live a very relaxed, content, in a holiday mood life style.

All this was not by accident; being a historian living in the future, I was able to select this performance path as a highly strategic plan to assist me discover ‘brand new global age thinking and new sets of protocols to understand and appreciate the language and executions styles of prosperity and business models we now face. Like anything else, for being so out of box, I had very little support to my thinking, but until recently while I progressed forward with my work, the once so sacred world economic development model start crumbling and started supporting my thinking, particularly last year. Many global events coincided with my corporate philosophy and writings. I’m still on target to developing and delivering large scale turnkey models to transform high caliber founders of small medium enterprises into becoming global age champions and quadruple their exportability and innovative excellence. This style of thinking is now becoming a new global age mantra. Mankind has a great future ahead; it was just seriously misguided during the last few decades. Truth is now once again flourishing.

I’m very grateful for all the new support and global attention I’m receiving.

Naseem Javed, Chairman, Mentorian Worldwide,

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