Unsecured speeding cameras wide open to smart city hackers

Unsecured speeding cameras wide open to smart city hackers

Security concerns about Internet of Things (IoT) consumer gear has now spread to speeding cameras used in smart cities.

TheNewspaper.com rang alarm bells about the proliferation of connected smart city technology that is vulnerable to hackers.

Specifically it reported on worrying Kaspersky Lab research that found a large number of connected speeding cameras deployed in smart city initiatives were easily hackable.

Kaspersky published its results in a paper for a conference that looked at smart city security hazards.

The Russian researchers explored the security vulnerabilities related to smart city technology using the Shodan search engine. They suspected many cities are deploying IoT devices to jump on the smart city bandwagon without fully examining how secure the technology is.

In their research they found many instances of traffic cameras that were vulnerable to hackers, made by vendors like Redflex Traffic Systems.

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