Marissa Mayer CV Lessons: How To Get Hired Faster

Marissa Mayer CV Lessons: How To Get Hired Faster

After the recent sale of Yahoo! to Verizon, Marissa Mayer’s CV became a topic of discussion when the web platform, Enhancv created a sample CV highlighting her experience, skills, and career. How can you make your CV more compelling? Here are the key takeaways and critiques that will help you make your CV more amazing.


1. Stand Out: Your CV should be eye-catching and classy.

2. Make it Easy to Read: Lists, bold font, and layout should be used tactfully.

3. Use a Quality Headshot: Your photo should look professional. Read more: 7 Signs You Have a Bad LinkedIn Profile Picture.

4. Highlight Accomplishments: Say “how you helped,” not just, “what you did.”


1. Raise Doubts: Mentioning “shadows” in your Life Philosophy makes readers think you have something to hide. Instead, choose something more favorable.

2. Include Over-Used Phrases: Under Strengths, the phrase,”hard working” should be replaced with something more specific. Readers assume someone applying for a job already works hard. Choose a better phrase.

3. Talk About Your Personal Time: It’s not your employer’s business to know how much of your day is spent with your family, or sleeping. Most employers know better than to ask. Keep your CV professional. Change the Day of my Life section to My Work Day Is Spent.

4. Include Cute, Irrelevant Details: If you’re applying for a CEO-level job. don’t talk about making cupcakes. Women are already, all too often, at a disadvantage for being considered cute, pretty or, good at “soft skills.” Unless you’re applying for a job as a baker, don’t talk about food, or non-related tasks. Read Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, for more on this.  

5. Start With a Big History of Your Experience: Every CV starts with a gigantic chuck of experience and it’s not eye-catching. Instead, start your CV with your accomplishments, in an easy-to read format. Make it about what you can do for the company–not how great your résumé is.


Keep your CV professional, compelling, and easy to read. It’s not your life story–it’s what will make people want to “know more” and possibly hire you to be the game-changer their organization needs to get to the next level.

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