AWS Launches Simple Analytics Service On Kinesis Data

AWS Launches Simple Analytics Service On Kinesis Data

Amazon is adding analytics to its Amazon Kinesis Service for real-time data stream capture. This move pairs up live stream data management in the cloud with an ability to perform SQL queries, without the user needing to produce a full analytics application.

In addition to working with Kinesis, Amazon Kinesis Analytics will also work with the Amazon Kinesis Firehose service, which loads a real-time data stream into Amazon S3 storage, the Redshift data warehouse, or Amazon Elasticsearch Service.

Jeff Barr, AWS chief evangelist, wrote in an Aug. 11 blog post: “You can now run continuous SQL queries against your streaming data, filtering, transforming, and summarizing the data as it arrives. You can focus on processing the data and extracting business value from it,” instead of setting up virtual servers and application logic to do those things on the data stream.

The analytics service can spot standard data formats within a stream and suggest a schema with which to capture them, and then upload them into S3, Redshift, or Elasticsearch.

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