The new rules for navigating ‘that damn App Store’

The new rules for navigating ‘that damn App Store’

It’s easier than ever to make a mobile game. Unfortunately, it’s also easier than ever for a mobile game to fail. But developers and publishers can maximize their chances by following a handful of important rules.

More than 1.8 billion people are playing mobile games around the world, but that doesn’t mean any game you put out will find an audience, gaming consultant Teut Weidemann explained in a presentation at the Casual Connect conference in Singapore. That’s because nearly a billion of those people are learning to play video games for the very first time, and that means they are easily turned off by certain looks, mechanics, and control schemes.

Mobile gaming is a $36.9 billion industry, but it’s easy to miss out on that money as a developer if you make a few simple mistakes.

“If these [1 billion people] are new to games, they don’t know how the game speaks to them,” said Weidemann. “The game has to teach them. If you’re using advanced game mechanics, these players don’t know how to use them. They get frustrated, and they don’t play them.”

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