Back me up here, say industrial IoT applications

Back me up here, say industrial IoT applications

For many people, IoT is a marketing term used to describe everyday objects with connections to smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and more. Everything from autonomous cars to rainbow-farting unicorns fall under this umbrella.

But, when it comes to business and industry, this technology is in extremely high demand. This also means that the technology powering an industrial-level IoT sector needs to be reliable enough to get the job done.

After all, if your Wi-Fi connected toaster doesn’t burn the weather forecast on your toast it’s a shame. If an industrial sensor fails to report an accurate reading on the manufacturing floor, it’s a disaster.

Automation systems are as advanced as any other industrial system. They are comprised of many different parts, each requiring reliable access to power and must be in constant networked communication with one-another.

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