Prognosis excellent for hospital and diagnostic wearables

Prognosis excellent for hospital and diagnostic wearables

The report by Lux Research said that advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) will allow health systems of the future to use wearables and other digital technology to discover connections and common solutions between many diverse medical conditions.

“Digital health solutions will transform medicine, using data to help manage several conditions that on the surface may seem very different from one another,” said Noa Ghersin, lead author of Lux Research’s report, ‘A Byte a Day: How Digital Health Redraws Health Care and Uncovers Opportunities.’

IoT technology is among emerging digital technology that is enabling a unified approach to information sharing and diagnosis. This is creating synergies up to now unattainable by the current healthcare system which impedes knowledge sharing because it is structured in silos around specific illnesses.

“The ability to track and gain insight into new streams of information marks a pivotal shift in how clinical decisions will be made,” said Ghersin.

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