The top 7 design features of the Tesla Model 3

The top 7 design features of the Tesla Model 3

Intense interest surrounds Tesla’s new Model 3, which chief executive Elon Musk unveiled to the public last night. If you missed the event, you can watch it above. But for a quick rundown of the key highlights, here are the top seven features of the Model 3.

It has a range of 215 miles.

That’s slightly less than the shortest-range Model S, which starts at 240 miles. But Musk said those are just “minimum” expectations. “We hope to exceed them,” he said. Musk didn’t elaborate on the battery technology within the Model 3, but for reference, the 240-mile-range Model S runs on a 70 kWh battery.

The dashboard doesn’t look like what you’re used to.

Gone are the familiar dials and buttons of a traditional car. The Model 3 clears all that away for a clean, futuristic dash, with the main user interface being a simple steering wheel and a tablet mounted where you would ordinarily see radio knobs and climate controls.

Tesla moved the front seats further up.

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