Hackers leak DHS staff directory, claim DOJ is next

Hackers leak DHS staff directory, claim DOJ is next

Staff directory contains details on over 9,000 employees

On Sunday, an account on Twitter posted a Department of Homeland Security staff directory with 9,355 names. Shortly after the DHS data was posted, the account went on to claim that an additional data dump focused on 20,000 FBI employees was next.

The published staff directory is exactly what you think it is – the name, title, email address, and phone number of more than 9,000 DHS employees.

The titles range from engineers, to security specialists, program analysts, InfoSec and IT, all the way up to director level. More than 100 staffers are listed with an Intelligence related title.

Calls placed to the phone numbers listed went directly to voicemail in most cases, but checks against other public staff directories confirmed the list.

The person(s) behind the leaked DHS data first went to Motherboard to share the data, in addition to the DHS staff list, they also shared an FBI staff list. Motherboard did their own vetting and confirmed, for the most part anyway, that the lists were legit.

According to Motherboard’s source, the data was obtained after an employee email account at the Department of Justice was compromised. As proof, the source used the compromised account to email Motherboard’s Joseph Cox.

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