Why Product Builders Need To Worry About CISA

Why Product Builders Need To Worry About CISA

Government surveillance erodes user trust.

Congress tucked a sweeping surveillance bill into a late-night budget deal earlier this week. The controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act has been given the green light by the White House, even though it was widely opposed by many top tech companies last October.

The latest version of the controversial CISA crammed into the spending bill reportedly removes key privacy protections, including a requirement that personal information unrelated to cybersecurity threats be “scrubbed” before it is shared.

Still, given recent events in Paris and San Bernardino, the White House and intelligence officials argue that they need every resource at their disposal to prevent more terrorist attacks.

Who Will Watch The Watchers?

The actual impact on Silicon Valley itself is a mixed bag. The big worry is that broad surveillance powers undermines public trust in tech products.

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