Bringg Raises $5 Million So Any Business Can Offer An Uber-Like Experience

Bringg Raises $5 Million So Any Business Can Offer An Uber-Like Experience

If on-demand is the future of delivery, a startup called Bringg aims to help established businesses better compete with the likes of Amazon and Uber going forward. The company has now raised $5 million in Series A funding to further develop its web and mobile platform that businesses to move into the on-demand era by providing features like real-time driver tracking, dispatching, alerting, mobile messaging, ETAs, and more.

Along with the Series A, Bringg has raised $7.5 million to date in outside investment.

Since its launch earlier this year, Tel Aviv and New York-based Bringg scaled its business to a few hundred customers in over 50 countries, including a number of markets outside the U.S. including parts of Europe, Asia and even Africa.

Founded in 2013 by Raanan Cohen (CEO), the former founder and CEO of MobileMax; and Lion Sion (CTO), previously the CTO of GetTaxi and, the idea for the startup was to bring a Uber-like level of visibility to any delivery operation by offering the technology a business needs to add the features today’s consumers want – like the ability to be notified when a driver is on their way, get text-based alerts, track their delivery in progress, and more.

And on the business’s side of things, Bringg offers integration with existing systems, web and mobile dispatching, delivery tracking, as well as a driver application for communication with customers, signature collection, and other tasks.

Originally, the startup was signing up smaller companies, like food-delivery services Lish and Zuppler, for example. But it has found that the enterprise market – meaning businesses with more than 1,000 drivers already on staff –  holds more potential. This includes large retailers looking to compete with Amazon, service providers, and other home delivery businesses.

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