Epic EMR to Integrate with HealthMyne Analytics Platform

Epic EMR to Integrate with HealthMyne Analytics Platform

HealthMyne, a Wisconsin Start-up has announced that that their quantitative imaging analytics platform will now integrate with Epic and UW Health, HealthMyne provides radiologists a view of  electronic health record (EHR) data and imaging information.

According too the company, this will unify and improve more efficient clinical work, but also  the move to a correlative, evidence-based population health model where individual patients can be assessed and treated with the bene cial insight of similar patient cohorts.

 Praveen Sinha, CEO HealthMyne said in a press release that,  “Radiologists will now be able to easily view imaging data together with relevant patient health record data – all within HealthMyne’s care timeline feature. This is a powerful capability that is lacking with current imaging systems.”

“HealthMyne provides an oncology-centric unifed view that brings together automated quantitative imaging data sequentially interspersed with valuable health record information such as past chemotherapy, treatment procedures, lab results, medications, smoking history, and clinical trial involvement. Automated comparison to similar cohorts allows image-based response strati cation not previously possible in real-time,” according to Richard Bruce M.D., Assistant Professor of Radiology and Medical Director of Radiology Informatics, University of Wisconsin.

“HealthMyne is a model example of how applications can leverage Epic’s open, standards-based interoperability platform to access the data they need from the EHR,” said Epic’s President, Carl Dvorak.

“The benefits derived from seamless data interchange and aggregation is no doubt a valuable step forward,” said Jeremy Kanne, M.D., Professor of Radiology and Chief of Thoracic Imaging, University of Wisconsin. “However, we expect even greater gains can be achieved by leveraging the data uni cation and moving into clinical and predictive analytics, including targeted patient cohort comparisons. Being able to data mine the imaging-derived properties native to HealthMyne, together with Epic’s health record information, such as outcomes, should result in powerful decision support capabilities.”