Understanding Today’s Cyber Risk Landscape – Will your CEO be Fired?

Understanding Today’s Cyber Risk Landscape – Will your CEO be Fired?

When a company is hacked it is usually an issue for the IT department. Cyber crime is reported to cost businesses about $100 billion in the U.S. yearly. The average cost of a data breach for companies with 1,000 employees is  estimated at $15.4 million., according to a study commissioned by IBM. This is an 82% increase from 2009. Some companies have reported losses in excess of $65 million.

Target and Sony’s CEO’s lost their jobs as a results of their breaches. The message is poor cybersecurity planning and response can get them fired. Jeff Immelt, CEO GE, personally leads the company’s cyber task force. However, far to many CEO’s and their boards don’t know how to best, lead, fund and take a very active role in planning and response plans that are continually updated.

The Fusion Executive Summit, produced by WTN Media, November 9 in Madison, will addresses the fact that cyber security has shifted from IT to a boardroom issue. Key members of the cyber task force should not only include the Chief Security Officer, CIO and Chief Risk Officer,but also the CFO, General Counsel and VP of Corporate Communications.

Attendees will take part in seven interactive session featuring experts who will describe the latest risk factors and solutions, including ways to protect your board members from personal liability.  Companies need to orchestrate a comprehensive cyber security plan designed to protect their enterprise resources in the face of daily cyber attacks.

Session will cover these topics and more.

Governance and Planning for Cyber Security – How Can Private and Public Sectors Collaborate on Threats and Responses. This panel will include Major General Donald P. Dunbar, who is Wisconsin’s Adjutant General and Homeland Security Advisor. He will be joined by David Cagigal, the CIO of the State of Wisconsin and Gary Wolter, Chairman, President, and CEO of the Madison Gas and Electric Company.

Cyber insurance will be the topic in Cyber Liability – the Risk and Solutions. This panel will include Joan Schmit, a professor of Actuarial Science, Risk Management & Insurance at UW Madison, Stephanie Dingman, Vice President of Aon Risk Solutions, Jay Isaacson, Vice President of CUNA Mutual Group, and Mark Foley, a seasoned expert at business and legal security needs and the author of the eBook, What Every CEO Needs to Know about Data Security.
And the final panel of the day will be An Epic Perspective: Security Practices Must Be Built-In, Not Bolted-On, which will feature top management from Epic, WPS Health Insurance, Presence Health, and Colony Brands.

Check out all the experts who will share their experience and insights – all in one day.
Fusion is a highly interactive event. Your presence in the sessions and at the networking events will put you front and center. You’ll meet C-level executives and high-level IT managers who attend the conference to network with their peers and engage in lively discussions. For more information visit: www.fusionsummit.com