CyberSecurity: Don’t know where to begin? Follow these IT Security pros on Twitter

CyberSecurity: Don’t know where to begin? Follow these IT Security pros on Twitter

If you build it…they will come. Once popularized by the movie “Field of Dreams”, this phrase is testament to the impact of baseball on daily life – even influencing how people learn and grow. But as business embarks on an unprecedented digital transformation, this sentiment can just as easily refer to the current IT security landscape – and the ever present threat of cyberattacks.

Facts are facts:  Businesses are under siege from hackers. Infrastructure is the foundation of business – and hackers will do whatever it takes to exploit these resources. With 26 billion devices online by 2020, the assault is only expected to get worse. The World Economic Forum pegs cybersecurity as one of the biggest business challenges, with nearly one million new malware threats released every day. It’s no wonder CIOs are turning to every available resource to stop threats in their tracks.

Unfortunately, many customers don’t know where to begin tackling IT threats. But there is good news:  With approximately one billion people online, Twitter is becoming a definitive resource for cybersecurity. And with National Cyber Security Awareness Month  is upon us, CenturyLink is excited to highlight our suggested “go-to” resources across Twitter:

  • @jason_healey:  A veteran of the US Airforce, Jason Healey’s security resume spans 20 years. He’s author of countless books on cyber threats – and was Director of Cyber Infrastructure Protection under President George W. Bush.
  • @stiennon:  He wrote the book on cyber war – literally. Richard Stiennon is author of “There Will be Cyberwar”, as well as an industry analyst and regular contributor on IT security for Forbes.
  • @RCISCwendy:  Formerly Director of Enterprise Security at 451 Research, Wendy Nather is now Research Director at Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC).
  • @dangoodin001:  Writing about people “who hack stuff” for nearly 20 years, Dan Goodin is the Security Editor at Ars Technica. If it involves malware, computer espionage or hacking – he’s got you covered.
  • @SCMagazine:  The official publication of IT security. SC Magazine touches every corner of the market – from new security regulations to the flood of data breaches.
  • @billbrenner70:  With 20 years as a security advisor and writer, who doesn’t like someone who penned a book entitled The OCD Diaries? Bill Brenner lives IT security.
  • @dataprivacyrisk:  Christine Marciano is obsessed with the market. One of the most prolific Tweeters, she leads nearly 6,000 followers and is a cyber risk insurance specialist.
  • @stevewerby:  A strategist, CIO, and lover of craft beer – Steve Werby has acted as a security thought leader across several Fortune 500 companies.
  • @robertmlee:  Who can engage in cyber warfare better than the government? Robert M. Lee was formerly Cyber Warfare Operations Officer with the US Airforce and Founder/CEO of Dragos Security.
  • @SIAOnline:  The official Twitter feed of the Security Industry Association (SIA), it’s the definitive guide to IT security, market trends, and policies.

And we’re just scratching the surface. Twitter provides a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of IT security, and is a good first step to research a strategy right for your business. Your next call should be to a thought leader on managed security, who can accurately pinpoint the market and best identify both current and future threats.

Why risk it?  Stay alert when designing and maintaining your IT security strategy. Let CenturyLink help you assess the threat landscape, identify risks and help put you ahead of the latest cyber threats so you remain protected.