Information Builders Announces Next-Generation Data Management for Health Insurers

Information Builders Announces Next-Generation Data Management for Health Insurers

Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, today announced the availability of its Omni-Payer™ solution, the latest addition to its data integrity and integration arsenal. Designed for health insurers, Omni-Payer is a complete member information management solution that equips payers with a 360-degree view of every member covered.

With the transition from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare, especially in light of the Affordable Care Act, health insurers are incented to adopt a member-centric strategy that begins with a single view of each subscriber across every aspect of care he or she receives at the insurer’s affiliated providers, supplementing the information the insurer can derive from merely claims and payments. Onboarding this information well and providing better outcomes can result in higher HEDIS and CMS Star ratings, which could drive millions of dollars in reimbursements from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare.

Omni-Payer seamlessly integrates, cleanses, and correlates this data across domains, producing a master record for each member and helping providers easily onboard clinical information, improve outcomes, and ensure better financial performance.

Omni-Payer’s comprehensive data management delivers:

  • Improved Patient Outcomes – Omni-Payer provides a complete, holistic view of every member, enabling unprecedented insight into issues to speed resolution and improve results
  • Management of Chronic Care Patients – Omni-Payer tracks the entire patient journey for people with chronic conditions, simultaneously optimizing outcomes and financials
  • Reduced Gaps in Care – By providing 360-degree member views, Omni-Payer helps identify and resolve gaps in care, as well as promote coordination of care across medical providers
  • Accelerated Time to Value – Omni-Payer organizes all data into seven business domains that include pre-defined data quality rules, match/merge rules, consumption rules, and remediation rules for each domain
  • Improved Service-to-Software Ratio – Omni-Payer eliminates the need to create data mastering applications from scratch. Required customizations can be implemented quickly, with a lower software-to-service ratio than typical business application implementations

“Information Builders is dedicated to helping our customers overcome their data challenges and improve business insights, decisions, and outcomes,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. “In the realm of health insurance, this means having a reliable, holistic view of each member to help inform payment processes and improve coverage. With the introduction of Omni-Payer, we are proud to be providing the most comprehensive MDM solution for health insurance companies to date, helping them to improve services and continue to extend this critical coverage to an ever-growing member group.”