Google Bakes Fingerprint Tech Into Android And Opens Up Voice

Google Bakes Fingerprint Tech Into Android And Opens Up Voice

Android 6.0 will come with some treats for developers.

Google just unloaded a slew of announcements Tuesday in San Francisco, at an event covering new hardware products, new software features, and some new capabilites of interest to its enormous community of Android app developers.

In between all the new-hardware announcements, the company also slipped in some updates for its own services and apps, and opened up a few more aspects of Android.

With Marshmallow, the latest candy-sweet rubric for the mobile opearing system otherwise known as Android 6.0, developers will be able to access Nexus Imprint, a new fingerprint sensor, as well as integrate more voice features into their apps, among other things.

Putting Your Finger On It

That Google would focus on fingerprint features now is not entirely surprising. Biometric authentication has been a hot topic lately, especially when it comes to Android’s approach, which was reportedly vulnerable to hacking.

The company would have wanted to focus on fingerprint-reading tech anyway for Marshmallow’s arrival, which will presumably include security enhancements. Now that Google has built it right into its Android software, with the new Nexus Imprint, developers will get a chance to work with it as a fundamental part of the Android OS.

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