Palm reading the answer for patient ID?

Palm reading the answer for patient ID?

‘We have significantly reduced registration errors and lowered our duplicate medical record rate to 0.11 percent of our patient census’

Offering a novel answer to a complex security challenge, Imprivata has introduced  PatientSecure, a patient identification tool that uses palm vein biometrics to link patients with their EHRs.

Imprivata officials make the point that 7 to 10 percent of patients, on average, are misidentified when their medical records are accessed. By scanning a patient’s hand to capture its unique palm vein pattern, PatientSecure can match an individual with his or her digital record, preventing such errors – and helping improve patient safety, safeguarding against identity theft and insurance fraud and driving revenue cycle efficiency.

“As our healthcare system continues to digitize, enabling care delivery organizations to leverage a simple and secure identification platform is critical to enhancing the patient experience and addressing the growing medical identity theft and insurance fraud nationally,” said David Wiener, general manager, Imprivata PatientSecure Products Group, in a press statement.

This past spring, Imprivata acquired Tampa, Fla.-based HT Systems, pioneer of the PatientSecure technology, which has scanned the palms of some 22 million patients across 65 healthcare systems nationwide.

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