QuizUp Looks To Gamify Corporate Learning With QuizUp At Work

QuizUp Looks To Gamify Corporate Learning With QuizUp At Work

Work isn’t all about fun and games, but QuizUp is trying as hard as it can to change that.

The popular and frustratingly addictive trivia game is announcing a new initiative today to change corporate learning with QuizUp at Work. The program allows corporations to take the fun and competitive nature of QuizUp and combine it with helping employees learn about company programs, products and policies.

I played a QuizUp match with its CEO Thor Fridriksson on trivia about my employer, TechCrunch. Thankfully I won, but just barely.

Thor told me that even when the topics take on a more corporate subject matter people are still excited about competing to win, now they’re just doing so with their fellow employees.

“Traditionally when enterprises are handing employees the manual of how to do things, it’s not exactly the most fun thing ever, it’s more of a chore,” Fridriksson said. “I feel like this is kind of the holy grail of corporate learning, you know, to make it fun.”

Fridriksson sees QuizUp at Work as a major opportunity for companies to show off their personalities and distinct corporate cultures to new employees while fostering connections amongst employees as well.

 “There are a lot of problems with modern companies, one thing is that they have a tough time engaging with new millenial employees that are coming on who are not used to the old way of corporate training,” he said.

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