Android Experiments Is Google’s New Playground For Coders

Android Experiments Is Google’s New Playground For Coders

Google has lifted the curtain on a new Android Experiments website, which it wants to use as a way of showcasing “creative ways to utilize … device capabilities” and “new or unique uses of technology, aesthetics and interface.”

Essentially, it’s a collection of demos of just how great Android can be, if you know your code and your hardware.

Showcasing ways in which developers can use its tools isn’t a completely new idea from Google, the newly minted Alphabet subsidiary: Chrome Experiments started way back in 2009 and gave a taste of what was possible on the new interactive Web that was evolving at the end of the last decade.

Developers are invited to submit their own “experiments” too, so anyone with an eye-catching and out-of-the-ordinary app can get it up for the world to see. The 20 examples on the site at launch cover areas such as camera hacks, Android Wear, and OpenGL innovations.

“Each project challenges in small and big ways how we think of the devices we interact with every day,” explains Google’s blog post.

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