Salesforce unwraps compliance and governance services

Salesforce unwraps compliance and governance services

Healthcare organizations can use the new functions for archiving, encryption, auditing, and event monitoring, all in the cloud.

Salesforce on Tuesday hoisted up a new platform for building apps.

Called Salesforce Shield, the cloud-based customer relationship management provider explained that Salesforce Shield is geared toward companies with compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements. As such, Shield functions include: Field Audit Trail, Platform Encryption, Data Archive, and Event Monitoring.

Salesforce customers can buy the Shield capabilities either separately or individually, according to a Salesforce spokesperson.

“Previously, organizations would have to go to multiple vendors to achieve this type of functionality,” she explained. “one of the benefits of procuring all capabilities together is that customers do not have to obtain vendor approvals for each product.”

Salesforce Shield can help IT shops build apps that meet both internal and industry requirements, according to consultancy IDC’s platform-as-a-service research manager Larry Carvalho.

“Businesses struggle with balancing the speed of innovation that cloud platforms offer with compliance needs due to the lack of tools in existing platforms,” Carvalho said in a statement.

The elephant in the healthcare room, of course, is HIPAA. And while Salesforce did not specifically say that Shield could be used to build HIPAA-compliant apps, the vendor did explain that health entities could use the Platform Encryption service, for instance, to manage personally identifiable information and protected health information and enable users to “search, view, modify, or run workflows and other key functions using that data.”
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