Without More Data, Your Mobile Strategy Is Toast

Without More Data, Your Mobile Strategy Is Toast

The key to mobile success: knowing what users do and what they value.

We’re in love with apps.

Recent figures from Web application design and development company Go-Globe reveal that we now spend 89% of our mobile time in apps, and we’re spending 21% more time in them now than last year. In fact, apps are so big that 52% of all time spent in digital media happens inside apps.

That behavior translates into mountains of cash for some companies. I spoke with one U.S. retailer who will do $2 billion of in-app sales this year. Inspiring—or at least it might be, if not for the sobering reality that this tends to be the exception rather than the rule.

Over the past few years, the average number of apps that people use has remained constant at 27, according to Nielsen data, with 70% of all app use spent in the top 200 apps. Recode recently pointed out that 25% of apps are used once, then get deleted by fickle users.

As a developer—whether retailer, game maker, or financial services company—your primary goal is to become an essential part of your users’ app-happy day. And your only hope to get there is by using data. Lots and lots of data.
Standing Out In The Crowd

Despite the euphoria around mobile apps, a recent BI Intelligence report offers a dose of reality. Turns out, more than half of in-app time is spent inside a user’s two favorite apps.
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