5 health IT trends set to shake up industry

5 health IT trends set to shake up industry

‘Patients can actually begin to care for themselves – relieve the burden of the delivery system and get a better result’

For those healthcare providers still resistant to technology, you’ve got a problem on your hands: You’re going to be left behind. This is where healthcare it going – with or without you.

That’s according to a new Accenture report, Healthcare Technology Vision 2015, which lays out five key trends in the industry that show adaptation might be the best business model.

First, Accenture analytics are calling it the “platform revolution” – that is the ever-increasing ubiquity of mobile and cloud platforms that far surpass merely the ability to track in real-time a patient’s health. Rather, this is a platform that addresses interoperability, “that captures the data from disparate sources such as wearables, phones and glucometers, and pulls it all together to give a patient and caregiver a holistic and real-time view of the patient’s health,” they write.

The second trend, as the report emphasizes, is around the “outcome economy.” In other words, “it’s about delivering results.” Hardware, nowadays, brings with it new intelligence. Better intelligence than ever before. And that’s going to make patient data accessible with a mere click. It’s going to give patients the convenience, and it’s ultimately going to lead to better outcomes, according to the report.

The third trend is around data, what’s billed in the report as the “intelligent enterprise” – essentially a “data explosion” that will lead to tremendous clinical outcomes opportunities.

In fact, big data has gotten so big that some 41 percent of healthcare executives say the data volume their organization manages has increased by a whopping 50 percent just from a year ago.
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