Surescripts attains digital breakthrough

Surescripts attains digital breakthrough

‘There is no question that the Surescripts network is more connected than ever before’

Surescripts processed 6.5 billion health data transactions in 2014, a feat that the network’s officials say marks a major digital transformation of U.S. healthcare.

Surescripts reports in its 2014 National Progress Report that its network handled more transactions over the past year than American Express (6 billion) and PayPal (4.2 billion).

“Connecting the nation’s healthcare system is a monumental task, and while more work is needed to ensure true interoperability nationwide, there is no question that the Surescripts network is more connected than ever before,” said Surescripts CEO Tom Skelton, in a press statement. “Healthcare is evolving and our collective ability to share health information is addressing a major pain point for providers and patients that ultimately saves time and money and improves the quality of care.”

Here are connections made by the numbers: At of the end of 2014, Surescripts connected 900,000 healthcare professionals, 61,000 pharmacies, 3,300 hospitals, 700 EHR software applications, 45 immunization registries, and 32 state and regional networks, with access to health information for 230 million patients representing 71 percent of the U.S. population.

In 2014, 56 percent of physicians and 95 percent of pharmacies processed 1.2 billion electronic prescriptions on the Surescripts network. That number includes 67 percent of all new prescriptions.
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