How Your Need For Detergent And Coffee Will Fuel Amazon’s Smart Home

How Your Need For Detergent And Coffee Will Fuel Amazon’s Smart Home

Amazon’s Dash Button paves the way for a home that manages itself.

Amazon has a bold new gadget, and it’s a button. It’s literally a stick-on, Internet-connected button that, when pressed, sends a “Bat-Signal” to Amazon to order more dog food, coffee, detergent or other common household goods. The new Dash Button looks like an April Fool’s Day joke, but it actually reveals quite a lot about the company’s serious intentions to enter a new category: the smart home.

The company makes plenty of consumer gadgets, but it hasn’t had a smart home initiative of its own. Now Amazon has been shopping around the back-end system behind its new button, the Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), and picking up partners across home categories.

Whirlpool, Brother, Brita and Quirky are first on deck, and this fall, they will offer built-in DRS support in their upcoming releases. What consumers will see are products that know when it’s time to order more laundry soap or water filters and order them from Amazon on their own.

The concept hints at a future in which consumers’ houses can manage themselves—not just through remote features in some nebulous cloud, but tangibly in the real world.

Dash Is Amazon’s Ignition Button For The Smart Home

Let’s get one thing straight: Amazon is not trying to infiltrate your home. It already lives there. The company offers TV gadgets, mobile devices and e-readers, not to mention browser bookmarks, third-party mobile apps and streaming TV apps, taking root in living rooms, computer rooms and reading rooms. What it wants now is every other room in your house.

To get there, the company has been trying to drum up DRS support from partners, offering different ways to tie into the service.
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