Persado scores $21M to become the Moneyball of marketing

Persado scores $21M to become the Moneyball of marketing

If you’re a marketer with a knack for writing great copy, you may want to learn another job skill.

New York City-based Persado is offering an artificial intelligence-based system for creating the most effective text for emails, web pages, and other marketing. Today, it announced it has raised $21 million to help make human-written copy less relevant.

“It’s quite revolutionary what we do,” CEO and cofounder Alex Vratskides told VentureBeat.

“We generate the most persuasive language to drive action.”

The system’s semantic algorithm utilizes a language parser, machine learning that improves effectiveness from results, and statistics.

Currently, the platform is focused on providing the core, actionable parts of an email message. But, in theory, it could be applied to any kind of persuasive text where there is massive and quick feedback.

It’s “persuasion automation,” Vratskides told us.

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