You’re not coddling your developers enough

You’re not coddling your developers enough

In a world being eaten alive by software, you need to hire more developers. A lot more.

Perhaps more importantly, according to former Netflix cloud chief and current Battery Ventures Technology fellow Adrian Cockroft, you need to help to make them productive. Which mostly means you need to get the heck out of their way.

Here’s how.

Why Developers Matter

Software increasingly sets the pace for competitive differentiation, and developers write that software. Cockroft, speaking at Monktoberfest 2014, suggests that organizations need to reorganize themselves around DevOps principles and practices to give developers the space they need to succeed.

Developers, after all, point to the future. While many make a fetish of revenue, Cockroft insists that developers, not revenue, are the best indication of where the market is moving.

If we were looking for billion-dollar revenue streams, after all, we would miss the widespread adoption of container technology like Docker, the embrace of NoSQL databases and Hadoop, the shift to cloud computing and more. None of these has yet generated the kind of revenue that yesterday’s license-based software models have, which is why companies like Oracle have been so lethargic about adopting them.

But make no mistake: They are the future of computing, a future being written by developers, not IT.

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