Polaroid Cube: The cutest action camera yet

Polaroid Cube: The cutest action camera yet

If a mobile camera app icon manifested into a physical product, it would be the new Polaroid Cube. And judging by the looks of this wee little box, the action camera might just win over plenty of hearts, helmets and handlebars.

The Cube, which starts shipping next month, offers 1080p video recording and a retro-fabulous aesthetic for a price tag of $99. That’s half the price of a base model GoPro, the leading brand that defines this category.

Polaroid seems to have the makings of a mainstream hit. That’s no accident. The company hired design house Ammunition to mastermind the Cube, and says Robert Brunner, Ammunition’s founder and partner, the mission was clear: Take a device with decent technical chops and turn it into a fun, clever product that people would want.

That’s not easy to do in a niche owned by GoPro and fleshed out with others, including cheaper knock-offs and also-rans. But Ammunition and its client have one thing that the others don’t: nostalgia. And they’re milking it for all it’s worth.

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