The great cloud debate's unsatisfying but true answer

The great cloud debate's unsatisfying but true answer wants you to adopt the cloud whole hog. Microsoft wants you to tread lightly. Why they’re both right — and wrong
Leading the “Did you see this, Dave?” articles I received by e-mail last week was this piece by the Economist that provides a very interesting debate on cloud computing. The discussion was between Stephen Elop, the president of Microsoft’s Business Division, and the never-boring Marc Benioff, CEO of Ding, ding, ding!

From Stephen Elop: “Customers speak for themselves, and customers want choice. Their key requirements necessitate choice. Customers will be suspect of cloud-only solutions because they may need the ability to either migrate from or interoperate with legacy applications; they want to use existing technology investments and skill sets; and their personal assessment of risk and operational preferences may include the need for some computing capacity within their own datacentres.”
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