Beyond server virtualization: The private cloud

Beyond server virtualization: The private cloud recently sat down with virtualization and cloud computing expert Mark Bowker, an analyst at The Enterprise Strategy Group Inc. in Milford, Mass., to find out just how real companies’ plans are for developing a private cloud. A private, or internal, cloud is a means of centralizing data center resources and delivering them on the fly as business demands change and IT attempts to become a service delivery unit to the company.
With server virtualization as its basis, cloud technology has a way to go, but CIOs are finding it a powerful vision. In part one of this two-part interview, Bowker offers insight into the differences between private clouds and virtual server farms and explains application awareness and the concept of a data center operating system. Part two will delve into specific CIO issues, including working with application owners to buy into a cloud strategy to make it a success.
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