Guild grabs $7M venture capital and plans national sales push

Guild grabs $7M venture capital and plans national sales push is still going to be the same company — an online dealer of original artwork, such as paintings, sculpture and glass — but it’s about to have a much bigger footprint.
The Madison company just announced a $7 million venture-capital investment from Dolphin Equity Partners, of New York, and San Francisco Equity Partners. Scott Potter, managing partner of the San Francisco firm, will become Guild’s new chairman of the board. With all that capital to grow on, Guild is hatching plans to sell to an even wider audience, advertising nationally and expanding its catalog sales and other offerings.
Next week, WTN will bring you a behind-the-scenes look at how Wisconsin companies are catching the attention of venture firms on the coasts. This much sought-after capital is often considered hard to get in the “fly-over zone,” but Wisconsin companies such as Guild are bringing it in.
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