Music, mail, databases and printing from a technologist’s desk

Music, mail, databases and printing from a technologist’s desk

I frequently wish for more hours in the day so I can get more done (like most of you, I’m guessing). Once a year, that wish comes true. We “fall back” into standard time and get another hour. But what do we do with the extra hour?
I decided to clean my desk, which I always promise to do when I have more time. In the process, I found several odds and ends that I’ve wanted to share in this column. Here they are, in no particular order, except for the order in which they were excavated from my desk.

Over the last month, I have tested three very nice products together: the Rave-MP MP3 player from GoVideo, which rescued and resurrected the Rio technology from Sonic Blue; the newest noise-isolating headsets from Etymotic Research; and the AudioFeast subscription music service. The three products make a great combination. At $99, the Rave-MP player delivers great sound in a sleek package. The listening experience is made better by the Etymotic 6isolater ear phones. You’ll pay more for them ($149) than for the MP3 player. Still, they are versatile, compact and offer great sound. The AudioFeast service is just building up steam since its September launch at DEMOmobile. It offers a broad range of downloadable audio, from popular music to NPR programming, and it manages rights issues gracefully.
I’ve been keeping my eye on Scalix because I think they are the next great challenger to Microsoft Exchange. Last week, the company shipped version 9.1 of its software, which delivers desktop-like mail and calendaring via Mozilla and Firefox browsers. I saw a very early demo of this a few months ago, and the functionality is outstanding. You can download evaluation software here.
Amid HP’s onslaught of the latest and greatest printers early last month, the company also announced its HP Mobile Print Driver, which, in effect, is a universal print driver for Windows, and a must-have for road warriors who are tired of the print driver tango. It’s free, and you can download it from this HP site.
Very quietly over the weekend, Intuit rolled out its latest (and I think greatest) upgrade to Quickbase, quite possibly the least well recognized and best Web-based database application development tool (although Intuit wouldn’t want me to call it that). Quickbase is extremely flexible and amazingly approachable — so much so that I use it for all my database applications. If you haven’t explored this application, you should.
There, that gets a few items off my desk. Now to just keep it clean.

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