Tech Digest: what’s moving in the Midwest

Tech Digest: what’s moving in the Midwest

Milken Institute predicts moderate Wisconsin biopharmaceutical growth

Wisconsin is home to significant biopharmaceutical innovation but will generate few jobs in the field, according to a recent report prepared by the Milken Institute, an economic think tank, and sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.
The report placed Wisconsin 17th among the 50 states in its “biopharmaceutical innovation pipeline index,” which reflects research, funding and employment. It found that Wisconsin employed about 4,000 people in the industry, making an average of $43,000, and is likely to add about 1,500 in the next 10 years.
California boasts 71,000 jobs in biopharmaceuticals with an average $73,000 salary and is projected to add 28,000 more jobs in the same time period. Massachusetts, which was ranked first in the innovation index, employs 21,500 at an average $70,000 salary and will add nearly 16,000 jobs over the next decade, the study concluded.
And while California’s population of 35 million people dwarf’s Wisconsin’s 5.5 million, Massachusetts’ 6.5 million leaves it with about four times as many biopharmaceutical jobs per person as Wisconsin.

Exxon Mobil stations enter Fiserv network

Brookfield, Wis., information management firm Fiserv announced on Tuesday that Exxon Mobil will be adding more than 14,000 service stations and stores to Fiserv’s ACCEL/Exchange network. ACCEL/Exchange is an electronic funds transfer system.
“Getting cardholders authorized at merchant POS terminals through our cost-effective and efficient on-line debit network is our goal, plain and simple,” said Tony Catalfano, president and chief operating officer of Fiserv EFT.

Third Wave appoints regulatory director

Third Wave Technologies, a Madison molecular diagnostics company, said it has appointed a new director of regulatory affairs and quality assurance to help it work through FDA regulation. Sam M. Rua Jr., the company’s choice, was director of regulatory affairs at Ventana Medical Systems Inc. of Arizona.