Launches to Help Investors Make Informed Decisions Launches to Help Investors Make Informed Decisions

Madison, Wis. – The stock market and mutual fund scandals that have caused investors to lose vast sums of personal wealth have left these individuals confused or nervous about getting back into the market. A Madison-based company, Precision Information (PI) has launched a new free web site designed to educate individual investors and to enable them to find objective answers to their investment questions.
The new web site is part of an overall launch of PI’s new Educated Investor brand. The company is also introducing new products, including a series of Educated Investor Guides and upgraded versions of the company’s flagship product, The Encyclopedia of Personal Finance, which features the new brand.
“The financial turmoil of recent years has convinced many investors that they need more basic know-how about money management,” said PI CEO and co-founder Joe Saari. “We want to be the first place people turn to when they are looking for answers about their personal finances.”
The company maintains a proprietary database of more than 2500 pages of articles, tutorials, definitions, and quiz questions. Precision Information provides content and services to industry leaders that include Ameritrade, Morningstar, Intuit, and New York Life. features a Learning Center with dozens of articles on a wide variety of investment and personal finance topics. Investor can find answers to topics that included:
How to determine the amount of risk an investor should take on
How to monitor the performance of mutual funds to evaluate a fund’s risk price fluctuations, and returns
How investors use diversification strategies to manage investment risks
The different kinds of cash value life insurance and how they work
Tax considerations for estate planning
Articles on the web site have been designed to be easy-to-read and objective, allowing even beginning investors to make better decisions about money management. All of the company’s products are NASD-compliant.
The company is offering users a free Educated Investor e-newsletter that features timely articles about current finance topics.
“Survey after survey shows that average individuals are hungry for a better understanding of their financial options,” Saari said. “We hope will help meet that demand, and will introduce more people to the kind of reliable, easy-to-use financial education tools we offer,” he said.