The CIO-CISO dynamic: Joining forces to bolster cybersecurity

State of Wisconsin CIO David Cagigal and CISO Bill Nash offer pointers on how a strategic CIO-CISO partnership can help drive and prioritize cybersecurity. They enumerate the elements that help drive an optimal CIO-CISO partnership and offer pointers on how to evade tensions in their relationship. They stressed that communication between their roles is vital to prioritizing cybersecurity efforts.

The Value In Virtual And Augmented Reality

In 2015, the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industry was widely heralded as the next tectonic shift in computing. But it’s also an industry that investors are cautious to enter while everyone’s cards are still face down. It may take years before mass consumer adoption, but in 2016 we still have a huge opportunity to help shape this industry.

The thesis of VR/AR is that, as a new interface, it will take over many parts of existing interfaces, including real life, such as shopping, education and some forms of live entertainment — and, of course, the Internet. But the true magic and innovation is what we’ve only been able to imagine as part of science fiction: traveling back in time, teleporting to a different location and being with people who are no longer with us.

Forum addresses hot topic in medical records: interoperability

Nov. 11–Some Congress members and national media outlets say Epic Systems Corp. is blocking the sharing of electronic medical records, but that’s not true, an Epic executive said Tuesday at a forum that included a leader from a chief Epic competitor.

Bob Robke, vice president of interoperability for Cerner, an Epic rival, publicly asked Epic to join the CommonWell Health Alliance, a group of Epic competitors trying to develop better record exchanges.

“We would love for Epic to be part of that,” Robke said. “It would guarantee (its) success.”

Paris attacks should be ‘wake up call’ for more digital surveillance, CIA director says

U.S. and European officials are calling for expanded government surveillance powers in the wake of Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, which have killed at least 129 people.

Addressing the violence Monday at a Washington conference, CIA director John Brennan blamed public “handwringing” over U.S. surveillance programs as an obstacle to catching terrorism suspects.

Cybersecurity top of mind for investment advisors

What’s keeping today’s investment advisors up at night? Cybersecurity issues. That was one of the takeaways at the Charles Schwab IMPACT 2015 confab in Boston this week, where 1,800 advisors in attendance were offered at least a half-dozen education sessions devoted to online crime and fraud and how to combat it.

The attention turned out to be particularly timely, with IMPACT kicking off Tuesday just as news broke of federal indictments against three men accused of stealing data from 100 million people last year in one of the biggest cybercrimes on record.