BMW, Ford, GM: World’s Largest Automakers Form Blockchain Coalition

CoinDesk reports that “Four of the world’s largest carmakers have joined tech providers and startups to form the biggest-ever consortium focused on applying blockchain tech in the automotive sector.”

The consortium that connects them is the recently launched Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI).

MOBI’s goal here is to enable payments and data-sharing between cars through common standards and APIs to open the way for a new digital mobility ecosystem.

The initial work will form project teams focusing on areas such as vehicle identity and data tracking, ride sharing, mobility ecosystem commerce, and data markets for both autonomous and human driving.

Read all about the initiative and get involved in this newest “Big Thing” to hit the economy.

Mobile Collides with Collaboration – and a New Digital Workspace Is Born

Lucas Mearian, a Senior Reporter for Computerworld, describes a recent CDW survey of 1,794 IT and non-IT employees to better understand the role of user buy-in regarding digital workspace and collaboration applications. 

The study reveals the value of IT first looking at the mobile collaboration solutions end users are already using and familiar with before rolling out a new one they will often just ignore, preferring their own favorites.