2013 Presentations

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The Journey for IT Infrastructure Builder to IT Service Broker

March 6 - 8:10 am - Room 221

Mitch Northcutt, Vice President of Consulting, Ahead


The Evolving Cybersecurity Threat Landscape - Are You the Next Target?

March 6 - 8:10 am - Room 219

Kevin Haley, Director of Product Management, Symantec


How Can You Innovate With Cloud-Based Service Models?

March 6 - 9:10 am - Room 221

Chris Pope, Sr. Director of Product Management, ServiceNow


Yes! You can drive business performance through Data Governance

March 6 - 9:10 am - Room 219

Jim Orr, Global Marketing, Information Builders, Inc.


The Mobile Evolution - Systems vs. Apps

March 6 - 10:30 am - Room 221

Bob Kennedy, Vice President, Strategic Service, Compuware


Disruptive Data Science - How Data Science and Big Data are Transforming Business, IT and People

March 6 - 10:30 am - Room 219

Annika Jimenez, Senior Director, Analytics and Data Science, Greenplum


Journey to Co-Creation: Making Open Innovation a Process, not a Project

March 6 - 12:30 pm - Room 221

Peter Coffee, Vice President and Head of Platform Research,

Bentley Curran, VP of Digital Business and CIO, Brady Corporation


The next Generation Z. Are we Ready?

March 6 - 12:30 pm - Room 219

Austin Park, VP of Infrastructure Services, PDS


Getting Beyond Sync & Share: How Collaboration Changes the Game

March 6 - 1:30 pm - Room 221

Whitney Bouck, General Manager, Box Enterprise, Box, Inc.


Big Data Essentials and the Economics of Information

March 6 - 1:30 pm - Room 219

Douglas Laney, Research VP, Gartner


Enterprise Mobile Strategies & Beyond: Finding Fundamental Opportunities in the Hype Cycle

March 6 - 2:45 pm - Room 221

J Schwan, CEO, Solstice Mobile


Understanding True TCO: Time to Ongoing Value

March 6 - 2:45 pm - Room 219

Jim Holincheck, VP – Services Strategy and Marketing, Workday


The Future Practice of Marketing: CMO-CIO's Shared Agenda

March 6 - 3:25 pm - Room 221

Alisa Maclin, VP of Marketing for IBM‘s Smarter Commerce Initiative

Not available

CIO Case Study: Fast Track to Approvals, Market and Business Value

March 6 - 3:25 pm - Room 219

Stan Pachura, CIO National Mortgage Insurance Company


Keynote: How Secure are We? New Strategies, Attacks, and Technologies Threaten Your Enterprise, Employees and Customers!

March 6 - 5:40 pm - Auditorium

Howard Schmidt, Special Assistant to the President and the Cybersecurity Coordinator (Retired)

No Slides

Keynote: Creating a culture of informed and calculated risk

March 7 - 8:10 am - Auditorium

Dave Wittwer, President and CEO, and Leslie Hearn, CIO, TDS Telecommunications Corp.

No Slides

Keynote: From the Firing Lines to a Fireside Chat: CIO to CIO

March 7 - 9:05 am - Auditorium

Theresa Payton, Former White House CIO and National Cyber-Security Authority


Keynote: Using Conflict to Transform Your Business

March 7 - 10:25 am - Auditorium

Dan Adamany, CEO and Founder, Ahead

No Slides

Keynote: Infrastructure Outsourcing – The Evolution from Commodity to Strategic Platforms and Services

March 7 - 11:20 am - Auditorium

Cameron Art, General Manager, Application Management Services, IBM

Tim Schaefer, CIO, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

No Slides

Keynote: Unleashing Latent IT Value with Complementary Clouds

March 7 - 1:30 pm - Auditorium

Peter Coffee, Vice President and Head of Platform Research,

Not Available

Keynote: A Business’s Survival and Success in the 21st Century Requires IT to Develop Central and Peripheral Nervous System Functionality

March 7 - 2:25 pm - Auditorium

Jonathan I. Ravdin M.D., President and CEO, Paragon Development Systems (PDS)


Keynote: Business First. Mobile Second.

March 7 - 3:40 pm - Auditorium

Bob Kennedy, Vice President, Strategic Service, Compuware


Keynote: The CIO As Revenue Rainmaker: Adding Value and Revenue to The Enterprise

March 7 - 4:35 pm - Auditorium

Rick Roy, SVP & CIO, CUNA Mutual Group

Brent Leland, CIO, Trek Bicycle Corp.

Phil Shelley, Chief Technology Officer, Sears Holdings Corporation

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