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Thursday Keynotes, March 7th

How Secure are We? New Strategies, Attacks, and Technologies Threaten Your Enterprise, Employees and Customers!

Howard Schmidt, Special Assistant to the President and the Cybersecurity Coordinator (Retired)

Could a stuxnet attack on the entire US power grid happen anytime, and cripple the economy? Join the discussion with internationally renowned cyber-security expert Howard Schmidt. He will lead a conversation about proven strategies, and protections you can implement to thwart the constant change and evolving sophisticated threats to your entire eco-system. Cyber-threats were identified as one of the top global risks to watch in the World Economic Forum’s 2012 Global Risk Report in Davos.

From the Firing Lines to a Fireside Chat: CIO to CIO

Theresa Payton, Former White House CIO and National Cyber-Security Authority
Sponsored by CoreBTS

One of the most stressful jobs on the planet is the role of the CIO. You must enable your organization’s productivity while at the same time protecting your organization’s digital assets. That incredible responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the Chief Information Officer. Former White House CIO Theresa Payton offers real-life, high-level solutions CIO to CIO in this candid talk from someone who has successfully done the job at the highest rank in the nation.

Unleashing Latent IT Value with Complementary Clouds

Peter Coffee, Vice President and Head of Platform Research,

Enterprise Cloud Computing is here to stay, but that can’t mean it’s “rip and replace” time for legacy IT investments. Rather, the acknowledged acceptance of enterprise cloud services makes it possible for clouds’ agility to liberate new value from IT assets already in place.

Business First. Mobile Second.

Bob Kennedy, Vice President, Strategic Service, Compuware

Mobile is about a shift to new systems of engagement. It’s about data. It’s about immediacy, context and utility. It’s about empowering your consumers, partners or your employees and making new types of experiences possible. Business benefits abound – driving new revenues, new relationships and new ways of doing business – but how can you ensure that your investments will deliver the right results?

Using Conflict to Transform Your Business

Dan Adamany, CEO and Founder, Ahead

Forrester reports firms will invest 70 to 73% of their 2013 IT budget maintaining and operating existing systems and equipment.¹ Gartner finds 78% of IT leaders plan on pursuing a private cloud strategy by 2014.² So which is it? Are IT leaders focusing on what they have? Or are they innovating to keep pace with a constantly changing market?

Infrastructure Outsourcing – The Evolution from Commodity to Strategic Platforms and Services

Cameron Art, General Manager, Application Management Services, IBM

The traditional enterprise outsourcing model, where a customer outsources the management of its’ IT infrastructure, applications development, network operations and end-user support to a third party, is experiencing the downside effects of commoditization. Vendors and customers have focused almost exclusively on cost to the detriment of other factors that have historically justified an infrastructure outsourcing play – quality, innovation and cycle time – to name a few. Cloud offerings of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) can be attractive solutions to start-up businesses and niche outsourcing infrastructure plays for larger enterprises.

A Business’s Survival and Success in the 21st Century Requires IT to Develop Central and Peripheral Nervous System Functionality

Jonathan I. Ravdin M.D., President and CEO, Paragon Development Systems (PDS)

Within large enterprises, IT has traditionally been organized into a departmental structure with responsibilities for selection, procurement, installation, implementation and integration of new technologies, as well as maintaining the current technology and applications needed for various business functions. This approach created a “closed trade model” with rationing of IT infrastructure and services to the remainder of the organization based on allocated capital and operating budget capacity, without necessarily true integration and alignment with the strategic business model.

Making the right decisions to leverage the business value of technology

Dave Wittwer, CEO, and Leslie Hearn, CIO, TDS Telecom

Great IT departments create a dialogue with executives to jointly solve the critical issues facing the business. At TDS the IT department created an “IT Blueprint” which laid out a plan to move the team and the company forward using both short term projects and long term goals as their roadmap.

Wednesday, March 6th

Journey to Co-Creation: Making Open Innovation a Process, not a Project

Peter Coffee, Vice President and Head of Platform Research

Active involvement by clients and customers turns noisy critics into focused advisors and invaluable advocates. Sustained success depends on forging a chain of four links: opportunity to offer ideas, feedback that proves those ideas are being considered, visible evidence of results, and rewards for contributions. Join us for a conversation on what’s worked, and what has not, in building a culture of co-creation that makes a served community both more satisfied and more forgiving.

Opportunities Ahead

Austin Park, VP of Infrastructure Services, PDS

Throughout 2012, PDS participated in a series of discussions with industry leaders on harnessing the power of technology to compete in the 21st century. In many ways it turned into a discussion about how to unlock the potential of the digital generation that is just coming of age. A generation that is not embracing technology, but rather born of it. A generation with the potential to dramatically accelerate the introduction of disruptive technology causing all of us to rethink everything we know about the application of technology in our lives and in business.

Yes! You can drive business performance through Data Governance

Jim Orr, Global Marketing, Information Builders, Inc.

For most business and technology leaders the concept of governing data and information assets makes practical sense. However, moments of sensibility often give way to pressing projects, budget constraints, and mounting business pressures. Besides, the traditional argument for governance lacks a compelling value proposition and the thought of implementing such a discipline can be overwhelming.

The journey from IT infrastructure builder to IT service broker

Mitch Northcutt, Vice President of Consulting, Ahead

Your traditional IT infrastructure and support model cannot compete with expectations that have been changed by IT consumerization and cloud computing. The good news is that the fog is clearing as a shared vision for IT service delivery emerges: IT organizations must make the transition from IT infrastructure builder to IT service broker. In doing so they must facilitate IT services consumption for their internal customers. Join the discussion with Mitch Northcutt for a prescriptive approach for steps you can take in developing a prioritized action plan for executing on a strategy to realize that vision.

How Can You Innovate With Cloud-Based Service Models?

Chris Pope, Sr. Director of Product Management, ServiceNow

IT is experiencing a seismic shift larger than all previous advances combined. Today’s IT requires a completely different strategic paradigm – one that is massively scalable and driven by new service models. Join Chris Pope, Senior Director of Product Management at ServiceNow, as he describes how the next generation of IT and cloud-based services are driving transformation.

Fast Track to Approvals, Market and Business Value

Stan Pachura, CIO National Mortgage Insurance Company – sponsored by CDW

National Mortgage Insurance Corporation (“National MI”), is a new mortgage insurance company with access to over $500 million of private, unencumbered capital for the mortgage insurance sector. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, National MI is led by an experienced management team with strong mortgage, financial services and start-up experience.

Disruptive Data Science – How Data Science and Big Data are Transforming Business, IT and People

Annika Jimenez, Senior Director, Analytics and Data Science, Greenplum

An examination of the trends of Big Data and Advanced Analytics as well as the technology, services and education needed to thrive in this new field. We’ll explore examples of true industry-disruptive analytics-driven transformations and the catalysts for transformation. Examining the role of people is paramount to success in order to develop a high-performing data scientist team – starting today.

Understanding True TCO: Time to Ongoing Value

Jim Holincheck, VP – Services Strategy and Marketing, Workday

Software-as-a-Service has proven itself as a way to lower total cost of ownership and improve time to value. However, mobile, social, and analytics (driven by the opportunities from big data) are driving significant changes in your IT landscape. You now need to look beyond traditional TCO and time to value and look at time to ongoing value. The challenge and opportunity lie in how you incorporate these new technologies while supporting an increasing pace of business change. We will discuss strategies for accelerating, realizing and increasing the value of your business applications investments through the power of the SaaS model.

The Mobile Evolution – Systems vs. Apps

Bob Kennedy, Vice President, Strategic Service, Compuware

Mobile is evolving. The exponential growth of devices and downloads is now transitioning into a new era. One that in which the “app” is not the cornerstone, but a part of a larger “system of engagement” that provides value for customers, employees and partners.

The Evolution of IT: Driving Business Insight and Innovation in the Post PC Era

Whitney Bouck, General Manager, Box Enterprise, Box, Inc.

Today, a transformation is underway in the enterprise – knowledge workers are trading in legacy software and desktop PCs for tools that are more flexible, affordable and allow them to tap into information from countless applications, smartphones and tablets. CIOs know too well the intense challenges they face to embrace this shift in the post-PC world, and are now exploring new technologies, including cloud computing, to accommodate the surge of BYOD in the workplace.

Big Data Essentials and the Economics of Information

Douglas Laney, Research VP, Gartner

In this session Gartner analyst Doug Laney will lead an interactive discussion on how organizations can develop a strategy and vision for Big Data and what are the key non-technical components of a Big Data initiative. He will also share Gartner’s research on the hard benefits of becoming an infocentric organization—one that values and manages information as an actual corporate asset. Specific topics will include but not be limited to:

The Future Practice of Marketing: CMO-CIO’s Shared Agenda

Alisa Maclin, VP of Marketing for IBM‘s Smarter Commerce Initiative

Today’s customer has as much information about a company – and their competitors -as a company has about its customers. Probably More. But this technology-enabled transparency can work both ways. The challenge and opportunity of transparency, and interacting with customer as individuals is one that many CMOs and CIOs are exploring today. This session will discuss the key imperatives leading CMO and CIO partners have defined as their Shared Agenda to address new ways to understand customers as individuals, develop a system of engagement, and be authentic in brand and culture.

Enterprise Mobile Strategies & Beyond: Finding Fundamental Opportunities in the Hype Cycle

J Schwann, CEO, Solstice Mobile

The advancements revolutionizing IT seems to be happening almost daily. From mobile computing, to contextual computing, to Big Data, to The Internet of Things, and many others, there is real value for enterprises of all kinds within these innovations. But how does an organization move beyond a wait-and-see approach and identify strategies that are actionable? This session will explore implementation frameworks for line-of-business opportunities today, and transformational shifts for the enterprise tomorrow.

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