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Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium 2006

Attention CEOs, CIOs, CFOs…

Attend the one forum for both business leaders and IT professionals that will prepare you to be more effective in today’s world of increased regulations, unexpected threats, and increasing 24/7 global competition. These things aren’t going away, but there is a lot you can do to minimize their impact on your profit and operations.

Fusion 2006 will bring together experts in business, technology, accounting, and law to discuss strategies for driving success, cutting costs, and minimizing risk exposure. Save yourself time and money by spending the day here with your peers preparing for your enterprise’s future!

What last year’s attendeees had to say:

“Fusion 2005 provided significant networking opportunities among the business, information technology and vendor communities. The sessions bridged the chasm between business and information technology very well where both sides achieved greater understanding of each other’s challenges and responsibilities.”
—David Cagigal, Chief Information Technology Officer, Alliant Energy

“I travel to many CIO events each year, and there are only a few that hit the mark with its content. Fusion2005 hit the ball out of the park with the quality of the content.”
—Stefanie McCann, Editor at Large, CIO Media Group

“The Fusion2005 conference really hit a home run in meeting its goal of bringing together CEOs, COOs and CIOs across government, education and corporate sectors.”
—Ed Meachen, CIO, UW System

Fusion 2006 at a glance

Where: Fluno Center for Executive Education, Madison, WI

When: March 1 - 2, 2006

Produced by: WTN Media

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