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CIO tutorial: Adams outlines health IT “to-do” list

Jim Adams believes health care organizations are on an IT journey with a distant finish line and a lot of mile markers in between. Outlining many of those action steps, Adams, executive director of research and insights for The Advisory Board Co., will deliver the opening keynote during the 2013 Digital Healthcare Conference produced by WTN Media. Read article →

Start Me Up Healthcare Conference Aligns Healthcare CIOs, Entrepreneurs and Investors

Healthcare industry leaders, health information technology startups, and investors will converge at the premier “Start Me Up” Emerging Healthcare Technology Conference, June 10 at the Fluno Center for Executive Education in Madison, Wisconsin. This new event is part of the 11th annual Digital Healthcare Conference 2013, a gathering of national healthcare leaders being held June 10-12 at the Fluno Center for Executive Education at the University of Wisconsin. Read article →

CIO Leadership Series: David Cagigal

David Cagigal, CIO of the Wisconsin Department of Enterprise Technology, has seen the future of education upfront and personal, and he knows first hand that information technology will play a transformative role. In this CIO Leadership interview with WTN News, Cagigal discusses how Wisconsin is laying the groundwork for a technological version of No Child Left Behind. Here are excerpts of our recent talk. Read article →

Pinterest updates the terms of service, but it is still a liability

One of the reasons Social Media is so popular and so loved is because users and companies are rewarded for broadcasting and sharing interesting and relevant content. It also works because the content owners encourage and welcome shares and links to their work because they get higher ranks on search engines like Google. Content owners also get more users to read and share their information, which results in more web traffic, additional ad revenue and hopefully more sales. But, Pinterest is different from all other Social Media networks because it references ownership rights to user posted\shared content. Read article →

CMO and CIO: New best friends forever

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are swamped with data - 850M people on Facebook, 200M tweets a day 86% of consumers use multiple channels- everything is becoming instrumented, intelligent, interconnected through sensors, RFID tags, cameras, data recorders everywhere. 90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years – most of it unstructured. People trust their friends – and even strangers - on line more than brands and ‘experts’. They can champion a brand or sully a reputation with the click of a mouse. Read article →

CIOs - Play nice with marketing because they have budget

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are overwhelmed by the amount of data they have available, but rather than look to the Chief Information Officers (CIOs) for help, they are much more likely to turn to outside resources such as ad agencies, said Alisa Maclin, vice president of marketing for IBM's Smarter Commerce Initiative. Maclin is presenting The Evolving Role of the CMO - Implications for the CIO,” at the pre-conference of the Fusion 2012 CEO-CIO Symposium, produced by WTN Media. Read article →


Don’t look for a lot of exciting presentations on ERP systems at Fusion 2012 CEO-CIO Symposium sponsored by WTN Media. ERP’s time came, and passed, perhaps a decade ago. Bruce Richardson, senior vice president and chief enterprise strategist at, noted in a blog post that it’s been 10 years since the big ERP vendors started talking about composite apps to overcome the limitations and inflexibility of their software. Read article →

Mobile on the move - The personal device also means business

The use of mobile devices is spreading across companies as employees and executives find they improve efficiency, especially for people who work outside the office, such as sales staff and insurance adjusters. About half the 5,000 employees of CUNA Mutual Group use smart phones, said Rick Roy, CIO at the Madison-based firm which provides insurance to credit unions and their members across the country. He estimates 80 percent use iPhones or Androids, split about evenly, and the other 20 percent use BlackBerry. Read article →

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