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News Coverage & Articles from 2008

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WTN Media thanks the attendees, sponsors, speakers and advisory board of the Digital Healthcare Conference 2008 for making the event a success. Slides and video are now available, as is news and feature coverage that emerged from the event.
Slides and video

How are you optimizing your technology investments to improve patient safety, lower costs, and improve the quality of healthcare delivery?

The Digital Healthcare Conference 2008 is an exclusive gathering of healthcare leaders to network, learn and innovate. Attendees share insights, compare experiences, and hear engaging presentations from their peers.

Now in its sixth year, DHC brings together experts in healthcare, technology and law to share their knowledge. Attendees learn proven and emerging strategies for improving healthcare delivery and patient safety.

Speakers include:

  • Barry Chaiken, MD, Conference Chair and DocsNetwork Ltd, CMO
  • Peter Strombom, Advisory Board Chair, Former Chair of CHIME, CIO
  • Bob Carlson, MD, Director of Applied Sciences, Marshfield Clinic
  • Trevor D’Souza, Managing Director, Mason Wells
  • Kim Pemble, Executive Director, Wisconsin Health Information Exchange
  • Erik Phelps, Partner, Michael Best and Friedrich LLP
  • Jim Adams, Executive Director, IBM Center for Healthcare Management
  • John Hansmann, Regional Manager, Intermountain Healthcare-Urban South Region
  • Patti Brennan, RN, Professor, UW Madison

DHC 2008 is produced by WTN Media, a business-to-business media company that also produces the Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium and WTN News. WTN Media’s executive healthcare conferences attract 200 attendees in a comfortable setting with plentiful opportunities for interactive discussion. The audience includes healthcare executives, physicians, nurses, IT professionals and vendors.

CIO Strategic Meetings (invitation only)

On May 7th, meet with a select group of your peers and representatives from top level sponsors for a two-way strategic dialog, visions of their company and technology road maps. These are not sales presentations and are designed for strategic briefing and discussion.

  • If you are a CIO and/or senior IT executive and would like more information or an invitation, please contact Mike Klein.

Who should attend

  • Healthcare IT focused healthcare professionals: CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CMOs, CNOs
  • Providers: Physicians, nurses, pharmacists; medical, pharmacy and nurse managers; patient safety/quality directors; risk managers; administrators
  • Consumers: Patient advocates and advocacy organizations
  • Purchasers: Employers, insurers, health plans, government
  • Health care researchers, educators, policy makers, and students

Attend the Digital Healthcare Conference

Save yourself time and money by spending the day among peers in positions of healthcare leadership. Share insights and experiences into how to optimize the value of innovative new healthcare technologies and how to develop best practices for the deployment of new systems, workflow and processes.

The conference will be held at the Fluno Center for Executive Education. The facilities are accessible to the physically disabled and vision, hearing and dietary needs will be met.

2008 Sponsors

  • WI Department of Health
    and Family Services

  • Produced by WTN Media / Wisconsin Technology Network