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Digital Healthcare Conference 2005

The Digital Healthcare Conference 2005 was a great success. WTN Media thanks all our sponsors, advisors, speakers and attendees for their support.


The development of new technologies across a broad range of industries offers healthcare important tools to improve both clinical and financial outcomes. Although historically slow to adopt new information technology, healthcare generally embraces innovative ways to improve patient care. Teaching physicians new methods and adopting best practices has continually challenged leaders in healthcare who want to see the most efficient delivery of the best outcomes to patients.

Electronic health records and personal health records will greatly impact care only if they are effectively and widely deployed. New technologies, such as RFID, that are going mainstream in other industries offer solutions to varied healthcare concerns such as medication safety and inventory management. The push for intra-operability is based upon the building of local networks that can effectively exchange core sets of information. And new technologies are embedding clinical content within them, blurring traditional lines of patient accountability.

During this robust one-day conference, attendees will learn about soon-to-be-deployed technologies and their effect on patient care. Presenters will review how technologies and approaches to embracing them can benefit physicians and patients alike.

This full-day symposium will cover:

  • Personal Health Record: What is it? What will it deliver?
  • Delivering Clinical Content Change: Can EHR Improve Patient Outcomes?
  • RFID: From Supply Chain to Patient Safety
  • Clinical Transformation: Changing The Way We Do Things, Not Just the Tools
  • Technologies Behind the Digital Hospital
  • Medical Errors: Who Owns the Liability?
  • Putting It All Together: Choosing Technologies That Advance Organizations
  • Intra-operability: First, Build the Local Networks

Who should attend DHC:

  • IT focused health care professionals: CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CMOs, CNOs, IT vendors, life science organizations and investors
  • Providers: Physicians, nurses, pharmacists; medical, pharmacy and nurse managers; patient safety/quality directors; risk managers; administrators
  • Consumers: Patient advocates and advocacy organizations
  • Purchasers: Employers, insurers, health plans, government
  • Health care researchers, educators, policy makers, and students

What DHC brings you:

Since its inception, the Digital Healthcare Conference has been a forum for healthcare knowledge and experiences. Share your concerns, learn what your peers are doing, and get a better handle on some of the latest technology available today.

Attend the Digital Healthcare Conference

Save yourself time and money by spending the day among peers in positions of healthcare leadership. Share insights and experiences into how to optimize the value of innovative new healthcare technologies and how to develop best practices for the deployment of new systems, workflow and processes.

The Digital Healthcare Conference at a glance

  • Where: Fluno Center for Executive Education, Madison, WI
  • When: June 8-9, 2005
  • Produced by: WTN Media
  • Produced by WTN Media / Wisconsin Technology Network