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After two months, how does the iPad's retina display stack up?

Source: ReadWriteWeb
May 11, 2012
It's been nearly two months since the latest iteration of Apple's tablet started shipping. In that time, those of us who rushed out to buy a new iPad have been peering into a display with an incredibly high resolution.

The intial response to the iPad's retina display was mostly one of awe, with some concerns about things like app size and battery life. Several weeks later, it's safe to say the upgrade was worth it.

The high-resolution screen is the most noticeable visual enhancement for anybody who upgraded from a previous verison of the iPad. I was replacing a first-generation iPad, so I had a number of newfound advantages. The screen was probably the biggest one, though.

For people who spend lots of time with their iPad, the sharper text and crisper images are a welcome improvement, even if the older-generation models didn't necessarily look bad. Personally, I do about 90% of all my reading on my iPad - from e-books in the Kindle app to articles in Flipboard and my overflowing Instapaper queue. Then there's digital magazines like Wired and Fast Company, as well as other newsreading apps from individual publishers. Across the board, the experience of reading on the iPad is easier on the eyes.

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