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How mobile, cloud, are transforming healthcare

Spurred by a combination of government incentives and aging technology, healthcare is entering an IT renaissance. Mobile and cloud technologies are at the heart of healthcare's transformation. Tablets are replacing paper medical charts, private clouds are enabling secure access to medical records, and mobile cloud collaboration tools are improving information sharing among medical professionals and academics.

Mobile and cloud healthcare services are also being used to solve a wide range of challenges, such as fraud, remote diagnostics, and patient CRM.

In addition to storing medical records, cloud services are also stepping in to fight healthcare fraud. It's estimated that fraud accounts for as much as $260 billion, or at least 10 percent of annual U.S. healthcare expenses. Predictive modeling, commonly used in the financial services and telecommunications industries to combat fraud, is now being applied healthcare payments.

Verizon, for example, uses predictive modeling tools to examine healthcare payment requests and route potentially fraudulent claims to case managers for investigation. The Verizon Fraud Management for Healthcare platform is designed to help identify fraud before payments are made, thereby reducing improper payments and the administrative and legal costs associated with traditional "pay-and-chase" recovery operations. The platform currently processes more than 20 billion records every day, including more than 700 million call records.

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