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Mequon Biopharmaceutical Corp. forms new subsidiary on success of drug discovery platform

ENDECE, LLC, a biopharmaceutical drug discovery company headquartered in Mequon, WI, has established ENDECE Neural, LLC, as a separate subsidiary company to focus on development of new therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

ENDECE was formed in 2006 with the vision to discover and develop therapies for human disease by harnessing the control of key cellular pathways via the modulation of nuclear receptors. The scientific premise is that the ability to control multiple genes within specific signaling pathways would lead to the discovery of new drugs for treating human diseases.

“This approach has resulted in the discovery and synthesis of a library of novel and proprietary compounds. When we match the compounds in our library with human gene expression patterns, we have discovered specific lead compounds exhibit promise against a number of different human diseases including compounds that are applicable to neurodegenerative diseases like MS,” Said Dr. Yarger, Ph.D., CEO of ENDECE.

“Because of the importance of finding a cure for multiple sclerosis, we have formed ENDECE Neural to focus resources on this arena, and efficiently and successfully move our drug compounds through late preclinical research and into Phase-1 human clinical studies as soon as possible. This business structure creates a strategic path to the development of new products for this specific therapeutic arena, to the valuation of associated intellectual properties, and to the commercial potential of current and future business relationships,” adds Dr. Yarger.

ENDECE Neural will focus on what could be the first drug capable of repairing damaged nerve axons in MS patients, and potentially restoring muscle control and mobility.
According to Dr. Bruce Trapp, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosciences at the Cleveland Clinic, and one of the world’s leading experts on MS, “We have seen clear and encouraging signs that several of ENDECE Neural compounds cause progenitor cells from the brain to differentiate into oligodendrocytes, which are the cells responsible for synthesis of myelin sheaths on nerve axons. It is interesting that these compounds may not impact the immune or inflammation side of MS. Instead, they may be specific for myelin production,” adds Dr. Trapp.

“Our lead neurobiology drug appears to work by activating genes within signaling pathways that are critical to causing the progenitor cells to differentiate into mature oligodendrocytes, which make the myelin sheath. Without this remyelination, there can be no cure for MS,” states Dr. Steve Nye, Ph.D., Director of Scientific Programs at ENDECE.


Sharon Borde responded 3 years ago: #1

Wow! I have had MS for years and take no therapy (other than great vitamins) beause some of the earlier drugs have horrible side affects. This sounds very promising and proactive! Thanks for all of your efforts! Sign me up!

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